The Arrangement

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The Arrangement

One minute my career is tanking …

The next I’m clawing my way back to the top.

The catch?

It’ll take marrying a guy I just met in a bid to rehab my bad reputation. As long as I take him with me.

But what starts as a business arrangement quickly turns into more. The raging chemistry between us can’t be denied.

When I no longer need him, my agent encourages me to cut him loose or risk losing the career I married him to save.

But that means not only breaking my promise to him, but also giving up the man I love.

Do I choose my lifelong dream? Or the love I didn’t expect? Why can’t I have both?


Colt’s story is finally here and it is definitely worth the wait!!



I’m normally not a fan of the marriage of convenience trope, but The Arrangement has changed my mind! I absolutely loved Colt and Alexis.



I am a big fan of marriage of convenience books and Jerica MacMillan did an incredible job with this story line.

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