Summer Fling

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Summer Fling

She’s his opposite in every way …
Lance is cocky.
And a notorious player.
Abby’s reserved.
And prefers to be left alone.
She shouldn’t be attracted to him—
no matter how potent his smiles are—
but he rescues her from that terrible party.
With no shortage of willing female company,
Lance never goes after girls who play hard to get.
But something about this girl 
who makes him fight for every inch of ground gained
has him breaking all his rules.
No stranger to casual relationships,
he isn’t bothered by the ticking clock 
counting down till he has to return to Texas.
As August draws closer 
will a summer fling turn into more?
Calling all fans of sports romance! Lance and Abby will make you swoon. Get your copy today!

I highly recommend if you are looking for something hot and sweet to entertain with amazing characters and a heart gripping story line.

– Catherine Bibby, Rochelle’s Reviews


This series is one not to miss.

– Tracy from Spunky N Sassy Book Blog


Jerica made this book very relatable to real life and that is hard to do. It kept my interest and made me want to know more. A great read and I cannot wait to read more of Jerica!!

– Kaci from She’s a Lip Biter


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