Songs and Sonatas

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A completely compelling story that grabs you by the scruff of your neck and doesn’t let go.

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I was trying to do my homework
when the sexiest smile I’ve ever seen asked to share my table.

He looked familiar, and I just couldn’t figure out why …
until a nosy friend let it slip that he’s Jonny B.
Former member of the boyband Brash.
And my first celebrity crush.
He’s been out of the spotlight for years,
so I have no qualms about dating him as our relationship progresses.
Then a video of him playing one of his new songs goes viral.
The media fallout is insane, pushing him back into a life he said he didn’t want anymore.
But he was either lying to himself or lying to me,
because the next thing I know, he’s hiring a manager.
The only question left is
can we survive his return to fame?

I can’t recommend this NA series highly enough! Beyond 5 Stars!

Mary Carr, Romazing Reader Blog

Double Exposition is a sinfully sweet and sexy rock star story that will have you swooning over your kindles.

USA Today bestselling author Lex Martin

I loveddddd it!!!!!! No other words!

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OMG I freaking LOVED this book.

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I’m hooked! It’s a magical combo of sweetly romantic and super steamy hot, making this story another wonderful read that I could not put down!

Mary Carr, Romazing Reader

Summertime … and the living is easy.
Unless you’re dating the next big pop star,
and your meddling parents are holding you hostage a thousand miles away.
After spending nine months with Jonathan, being apart is harder than I expected.
When I finally get to California for a two week visit—
with my older sister in tow as a chaperone—
my welcome from his mom and manager is colder than I expected.
They think I’m a distraction.
And their thinly veiled barbs make the city of angels
feel more like the city of vipers.
Despite interference and roadblocks,
the summer is full of new opportunities
and our time together is everything I want it to be.
But when the summer ends, I’m headed back to college
while Jonathan starts his North American tour.
I knew dating a popstar wasn’t going to be easy,
but how am I going to handle spending even more time apart?

I relished this second installment and devoured every word on every page, This is young beautiful Love at its finest and no one writes it better than Jerica MacMillan.

Goodreads Reviewer

Jerica is a talented author who knows how captivate her readers to keep then wanting more.

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Exhilaration. Elation. Triumph.

Launching my North American tour is everything I ever dreamed it would be.

Except …

I only see Gabby in weekends shoehorned around shows. Stolen moments where she can come to me or I can take a break to visit her. Holed up together in a hotel.

It’s better than nothing, but it’s a far cry from my ideal. Without her none of this would be happening. It seems wrong that she’s not with me. 


Depressing. Stressful. Lonely.

Returning to school without Jonathan is everything I feared it would be. Even surrounded by friends, there’s no one who understands the difficulties of juggling all the demands on my time. 

I want to quit and join Jonathan, but how can I give up on my own dreams? I know I wouldn’t be happy just as a rockstar’s girlfriend.

But my punishing schedule, jet lag, and distance all strain our relationship and communication. And I’m afraid that if we continue like this, something will eventually break.

Part rockstar romance, part coming of age story, Recapitulation brings us full circle, back to Marycliff University, but with a twist. It’s a story of staying true to yourself and following your dreams in the face of pressure on all sides. 

The stunning conclusion to Jonathan and Gabby’s tale gives you everything you want in a romance novel—sizzling heat, heartfelt emotion, and most importantly, the happily ever after. 

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I am in love with these books.

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“Pop Princess Disappears!”
“Is C-James in Rehab?”
“The C-James Vanishing Act Continues!”

Since I left the public eye weeks ago, I’ve been headline news on all the gossip sites. If only they knew the truth. 

Sorry. Let me back up and introduce myself. 

I’m Charlotte James. That’s right. International pop royalty, megastar, and now, freshman piano performance major at Marycliff University. 

After having every move recorded for nearly a decade, I need a break. From my mom micromanaging my entire life. From being “on” all the time. From the constant touring, performing, and manufacturing hits one after the other. 

So I enlisted the help of my friend Jonny B and his new fiancée Gabby to help me nail my audition for the music department. With a new look and my real name, no one has a clue who I am. 

Not even the guy I’m dating. 

I want to tell him, but as long as he’s in the dark, I get to be just plain Charlie. It’s too much of a risk to tell him the truth.

Because how will I survive if my two worlds collide?

Calling all lovers of rockstar romance, beta-alphas, and hidden identities! This is the book for you. Grab the next installment in the epic Songs and Sonatas series now!

I’m a nerdy cellist.

She’s a superstar.

We live on different planets with incompatible atmospheres.

There’s no way our relationship can work. I know this. And I’ve already screwed everything up by pushing her away.

But when I get a second chance, I can’t resist taking it. Even though I know it’ll end in disaster.

Because we all know what happens when you fly too close to the sun.

The spellbinding conclusion to Charlie and Damian’s story, you’ll find out what happens when there’s no longer anywhere to hide and how much it takes to make love work. Emotional, exquisite, and unputdownable, grab Counterpoint and Harmony today!

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