Rebound Therapy

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Rebound Therapy

There’s no word for someone like me.

If the crash that ended Tom’s life had happened five weeks later, I’d be a widow.

Instead? I’m just … tragic. My happily ever after was ripped away before it even had the chance to start.

It’s been a year since fate took him away from me. And my best friend Amy is convinced that I’m stuck, refusing to move on. Since I won’t go to a grief support group, which was her first suggestion, she’s decided I need a hot, dirty fling. To move on and get back to living again instead of just existing.

She calls it rebound therapy.

I call it a load of crap. But there’s no arguing with her once she gets an idea in her head. And going out for drinks with my friend isn’t a bad way to spend an evening, even if I know she’s going to be scoping out all the available men in our vicinity.

What I don’t expect is to actually meet one. But Brian slips past all my defenses. Sexy and sweet, he makes me leave behind the sad, depressed girl I’d become, bringing me to life again.

Until a cruel reminder of what really happened the night Tom died slaps me in the face. How can I ever get past that?

*Rebound Therapy is a sexy, sweet standalone about starting over and learning to love again. If you love angsty reads that hit you in all the feels but leave you with a smile on your face, grab this book now!

It’s really FREAKING good. Amazing, actually … with complicated emotions and good writing.

– Leslie McAdam, bestselling author of All About the D

Jerica MacMillan is quickly becoming one of my favorite romance authors. She shows depth in her writing on real issues, and the steam that comes off your Kindle … whew!

– Catherine, Rochelle’s Reviews

I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone that enjoys reading romance.

– Amazon Review


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