Players of Marycliff University

She was a challenge he couldn’t resist.
He was a risk she couldn’t take.


Sassy mouthed and impervious to Lance’s charm and football-god status
Abby knew their relationship was doomed before it even began.
He would leave in August, and she would be left behind.
Just like all the other men in her life.
His honesty and caring wins her over,
and she decides to take a chance on a limited time fling.
But with summer drawing to its inevitable close,
will they be able to maintain their emotional distance?
Or will they both be heartbroken in the end?

This series is one not to miss.

Tracy from Spunky N Sassy Book Blog

Jerica made this book very relatable to real life and that is hard to do. It kept my interest and made me want to know more. A great read and I cannot wait to read more of Jerica!!

Kaci from She's a Lip Biter

WOW! You can’t help but love this college series.

Amazon Reviewer

Look up the definition of manwhore …
And you’ll find a picture of Chris Watkins.

Megan has a reputation as a party girl.
Even so, she avoids the hit and and quit it types.
But when she ends up taking the empty room in Chris’s house,
their attraction is undeniable.
One fateful night at a party, one scorching kiss,
and the chemistry simmering between them ignites.
The only question is—
Will Megan survive their inferno intact
or will everything turn to ashes in the end?

Jerica has impressed me with her writing of steamy New Adult reads and has me hanging on for more of her amazing stories and intriguing characters.

Catherine of Rochelle's Reviews

Tingles. Electricity. Sparks.
The first time Matt and Hannah touch,
they both feel it.
The hot surf instructor she ogles while tanning
and works up the nerve to flirt with.
He invites her to a party
which leads to a date.
Kisses turn into touches turn into …
A summer that changes Hannah’s life.
Will anyone else ever be able to measure up?

I love how she makes her characters not perfect and with flaws that anyone would have in and out of a relationship. This is a must read series.

Tracy, Spunky N Sassy Book Blog

He doesn’t recognize me.

That’s what Hannah thinks

when she walks into the first day of her exciting new internship

and comes face to face with him.


Her first love.

Her first … everything.

Now he’s her supervisor.

And he remembers.


After letting her go once,

he’s not willing to miss out on a second chance

at the best relationship he’s ever had.

But is she willing to risk her job to give him another chance?

Or is that just setting herself up for heartbreak all over again?

Dibs on Matt!! My new unputdownable read!

Mary, the Romazing Reader

I can’t resist a hot campus romance and Jerica MacMillan delivers big time with Managed Hearts!

Deb, Xtreme Delusions

Absolutely FLOVED this book.

Literary Epic Charity Book Blog

Loved it and cannot recommend this series enough!!!

Literary Epic Charity Book Blog

Can she ever really trust anyone?
All the men in Abby’s life have bailed on her.
Except Lance.
She’s stingy with her trust,
always seeming like she’s hedging her bets.
He’s ready to propose, to commit his life to hers
and show her that some men can be trusted.
But her deadbeat brother’s return undoes all of Lance’s progress,
throwing Abby back to her guarded, untrusting self.
Because men don’t stick around.
When the price of getting rid of her brother for good
means relying on Lance to take care of her,
will Abby be able to take the leap?
Or remain forever alone behind her walls?

Great story with great characters. Jerica MacMillan is definitely a must read author.

Tracy, Spunky N Sassy Book Blog

The story is moving, sexy and really heart-warming! It bowled me over with all the amazing feels!

Mary, Romazing Reader

I could not put it down.

Annamaria, Alpha Book Club

Written so well, Jerica has a way with words that hook you in and leaving you feeling raw. Highly recommend!

Literary Epic Charity Book Blog

She’s changed so much …
Elena isn’t the same girl Daniel fell for
before they went their separate ways for summer break.
A sad, solemn young woman now replaces the happy, carefree girl he knew
burdened by grief from her father’s accident.
When she turns to him for comfort,
he’s determined to help her in any way she’ll let him.
But when he pushes her,
will she acknowledge that their relationship is deeper than just physical?

I have loved this series since stumbling upon it by accident and it just continues to get better.

Amazon Review

This one may be my favorite Marycliff University book yet!

Amazon Review

Wow, what a read. My emotions were ALL OVER THE PLACE.

Dana, Bloggin' with M Brennan

I have loved every book in the Marycliff University series. They are exactly what I want in a book and False Assumptions did not disappoint.

Literary Epic Charity Book Blog

Ugh. Anyone but him.
Finding herself teamed up with Evan Coopman,
resident flirt and all around manwhore,
Layla assumes the worst.
Dumb jock.
Knows exactly how hot he is and the effect it has on women.
And she has no patience for any of that.
But after he helps her out of a tough spot,
taking care of her when she’s hurt,
she realizes he’s more than what she assumed.
Amazing in bed.
But skills come with practice,
and maybe her first impression wasn’t wrong after all.
Will his reputation be his downfall?
Or will her assumptions ruin everything?

Jerica hasn’t failed me yet with this series!!!

Goodreads Review

Five sizzling, snarky, sexy smirking, smooth talking, angsty, loads of fun stars to this wonderful book!

Deb, Xtreme Delusions

Jerica MacMillan has wooed me and kept me as one of her biggest fans with each and every book she has added to the Players of Marycliff University series.

Catherine, Rochelle's Reviews

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