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Who would’ve pegged the hot guy as a fairy godmother?

He’s the antithesis of the standard Disney version—
And my best friend’s new brother-in-law.

Now he’s whisking me away on an epic road trip, turning a fantasy into reality. On the surface, it seems like a terrible idea—I mean, I’ve sworn off men and I’m trying to rehab my undeserved reputation as a flirt.
A maneater.
A slut.

But how can I say no to a guy who only wants to make a simple wish come true?

Then there’s a snowstorm. A night alone in one hotel room. Undeniable chemistry.

Suddenly a road-trip fling sounds like another wish he can grant. Simple. No strings. And a loophole in my no men rule.

There’s a finite end date and no way for feelings to get involved.


If you love road trip romance full of undeniable attraction and scorching hot chemistry, grab this epic opposites attract romance today!


Jerica does it again! Just when I think the series can’t get any better, it DOES! Lauren and Brenden have amazing chemistry and their fun banter is perfect! Ready for the next one!

Goodreads Review


Wow! Brendan and Lauren are fantastic characters and I lived how they got to know each other on their random trip. Holy hell! I’m surprised my kindle didn’t catch fire while I was reading this. Definitely off the charts hot!! After that ending, I need more.

Goodreads Review


I could not put this book down!!!!! I am very tired this morning as I stayed up most of the night to finish it, but I am not grumpy. Oh no, quite the opposite. I am recharged today; what a fantastic book! It is fun and sexy and hot and wonderful, you MUST read this book.

– Goodreads Review

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