False Assumptions

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False Assumptions

Ugh. Anyone but him.

Finding herself teamed up with Evan Coopman,
resident flirt and all around manwhore,
Layla assumes the worst.
Dumb jock.
Knows exactly how hot he is and the effect it has on women.
And she has no patience for any of that.
But after he helps her out of a tough spot,
taking care of her when she’s hurt,
she realizes he’s more than what she assumed.
Amazing in bed.
But skills come with practice,
and maybe her first impression wasn’t wrong after all.
Will his reputation be his downfall?
Or will her assumptions ruin everything?


I have loved every book in the Marycliff University series. They are exactly what I want in a book and False Assumptions did not disappoint.

– Literary Epic Charity Book Blog


Five sizzling, snarky, sexy smirking, smooth talking, angsty, loads of fun stars to this wonderful book!

– Deb, Xtreme Delusions


Jerica MacMillan has wooed me and kept me as one of her biggest fans with each and every book she has added to the Players of Marycliff University series.

– Catherine, Rochelle’s Reviews

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