Double Exposition

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Double Exposition

She’s classical, and I’m rock and roll

I had no idea when I went to the campus coffee shop on the first day of classes that I’d end up meeting the girl of my dreams.

She’s young—only a freshman while I’m a senior—and I tried to resist our attraction at first.

But she’s a brilliant musician, and after she takes the song I’ve been struggling with and fixes it in five minutes, I’m officially sunk.

Now my once-floundering career is taking off, I have the hottest girl on campus as my writing partner, and I know what I’ll be doing after I graduate.

But her goals have her life on a different path.

Will our love be strong enough to survive the stress and distance of pursuing our dreams?

Or will one of us have to give up something to make our relationship work?

If you love opposites attract romances featuring sexy former rockstars and sassy heroines, start the first book in this epic series today!


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