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Summertime … and the living is easy.

Unless you’re dating the next big pop star,
and your meddling parents are holding you hostage a thousand miles away.

After spending nine months with Jonathan, being apart is harder than I expected.
When I finally get to California for a two week visit—
with my older sister in tow as a chaperone—
my welcome from his mom and manager is colder than I expected.
They think I’m a distraction.
And their thinly veiled barbs make the city of angels
feel more like the city of vipers.
Despite interference and roadblocks,
the summer is full of new opportunities
and our time together is everything I want it to be.
But when the summer ends, I’m headed back to college
while Jonathan starts his North American tour.

I knew dating a popstar wasn’t going to be easy,
but how am I going to handle spending even more time apart?


I’m hooked! It’s a magical combo of sweetly romantic and super steamy hot, making this story another wonderful read that I could not put down!

– Mary Carr, Romazing Reader


I relished this second installment and devoured every word on every page, This is young beautiful Love at its finest and no one writes it better than Jerica MacMillan.

– Goodreads Review


OMG I freaking LOVED this book.

– Amazon Review


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