Coping Skills

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Coping Skills

Elena’s not looking for a relationship …

All she wants is an escape.
Since her father’s brain injury, her whole life has changed.
Daniel offers her a way to forget her grief and responsibilities.

At first he’s thrilled to be the one she turns to, but over time he wants more.
More than the slivers of time she carves out for him.
More than the glimpses of herself she shares.

But when he pushes her, will she acknowledge their relationship is more than just physical?

Or will she run away from her emotions once more?

If you love strong and stubborn heroines, dominant and caring alphas, and stories that hit you in all the feels, you’ll love Coping Skills. Download it today!


Written so well, Jerica has a way with words that hook you in and leaving you feeling raw. Highly recommend!

– Literary Epic Charity Book Blog


Wow, what a read. My emotions were ALL OVER THE PLACE.

– Dana, Bloggin’ with M Brennan


I have loved this series since stumbling upon it by accident and it just continues to get better.

– Amazon Review


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