Broken Chords

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Broken Chords

The pop princess and the college student …

It sounds like a 90s teen movie, doesn’t it?

Somehow this has become my life.

Sorry, let me back up and introduce myself. You might know me as Charlotte James, multiplatinum performing artist who you’ve watched grow up in the spotlight.

After years of being micromanaged by my stage mom who can’t seem to let go, I’m exhausted, and I need a break. So with the help of a few friends, I revert to my real name, give myself a makeover, and go into hiding as a piano major at Marycliff University.

Where I meet Damian, the smexy cellist with the shy smile. We strike up a friendship that quickly turns into more … and I’m happy and relaxed for the first time in ages.

The only problem?

He has no idea who I am. And my old life won’t stay in the background forever. I know I need to tell him, but I’m afraid it will ruin everything …

Broken Chords is an opposites attract rockstar romance featuring a diva in hiding and the man who captures her heart. Their story continues in Counterpoint and Harmony. Start this delicious duet today!


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